Each Image Below is From Either a 2 or 4 Week #STEELFIT Transformation




Awesome product! I've tried similar lotions but this is the only one that's actually worked. It's only taken a week and a half to get this far and I've still got some more left. Cannot wait to see what my abs look like in another couple of weeks. I'm very impressed!!

Soniya Vadher-Patel


After 2 weeks of using Abs of Steel I can say it definitely helped tone and firm my abs a bit more. I plan on continuing using this product throughout my training.

Chad Williams


I started using Abs and Buns of Steel a few weeks ago and absolutely love these products! You can really feel the lotion working after applying it. My stomach has tightened up so much since using these!! Best tightening products I’ve used so far!

Kara King


My abs have always been a trouble area for me especially after having 4 children. Abs of Steel helped tighten and define my abdominal area and I also notice a reduction in the loose skin. Coupled with good nutrition, consistent workout and Abs of Steel I have definitely seen a major improvement.  Abs of Steel is now a permanent part of my gym bag and before bed routine.

Lameca Guillory


I started using Abs of Steel each morning pre workout and before bed. I have new found love for thermogenic lotions! I could feel my skin tightening and see results daily. I will continue to use every prep and even year round when I’m on my diet!

Joe Schrimpf


I’ve been using Buns of Steel for 3 weeks and am absolutely in love with the results. I apply the cream in the morning before cardio and in the evening before lifting. Since starting this routine I’ve noticed an increase in the firmness and definition of both my legs & glutes.  

The biggest improvement that I noticed was the decrease in size of tiny pockets of fat that have sat on my hips for months. I’ve tried and tried to shrink these little pockets before but didn’t notice them decrease until I began using Buns of Steel. There was a slight tingling sensation but nothing too intense or intolerable.

Marlissa Jordan – IFBB Figure Pro


2 weeks ago, I began adding Abs of Steel into my workout regimen. I already eat 100% CLEAN and train every single day. I rarely do cardio because I get super bored so my workouts mainly just consist of lifting weights.

When I started using Abs of Steel 2 weeks ago, I told myself I was going to start putting cardio back into my workout routine. This product has now helped me love doing cardio.

I apply Abs of Steel to my abdominal area 15 minutes prior to my cardio workout (as well as before bed) and by the time I am done with my workout, I am DRENCHED. When finished, I feel so much more accomplished than I ever have after doing cardio in the past and my stomach feels super tight and lean.

Due to my clean diet and intense workouts, I’m pretty lean for the most part but have that normal bloating and “pudge” most girls cannot seem to get rid of. WELL I’m so happy to say that ABS OF STEEL is the FIRST product that has helped me rid of this stupid, annoying, STUBBORN pudge and helped my stomach have a tighter, more defined look. I have zero complaints about this amazing product and so happy to I now know there is a product out there like Abs of Steel.

Brittany Allen


I was 100% impressed with Both Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel! I used them both for the last 2 weeks of my bikini prep and my conditioning has never been better.

I literally felt it working once applied and with the right diet and exercise, the results were clear!!!

These are two amazing products that every girl needs in their tool box. It helped to tighten and tone!!! I would suggest it to anyone and everyone. I also used Buns of Steel on my thighs and Abs of Steel on my lower back and it worked wonderfully.

Domonique Medina


I received SteelFit's Abs of Steel topical cream two weeks ago and have been using it twice a day since I am preparing for my next bikini competition. I would apply it prior to workouts and before going to bed (and on rest days after work when if take the dogs for their afternoon walk). With its special formula containing caffeine, I do feel that I have noticed a trimming of my lower abdomen over the past two weeks and am happy with the results. No rashes, no bizarre sensations (a little cool initially but you get used to it fast) and no skin irritation during my two weeks.

With continued used, hard work, sweat and dedication, I know I’ll have my Abs of Steel by show time! I definitely recommend this product to those athletes wanting to amp up their appearance with their workouts without using potentially dangerous fat burners that are out on the market. 

Elora Roy


I tried out the Abs of Steel and these are my results from the two weeks! I’d be lying if I said it didn’t work. First thing I noticed was you can actually feel the heat of it working which was awesome compared to other products I’ve tried. And I could feel it still working even several hours after I first applied it. I like it and would recommend it, especially to anyone trying to get rid of that little bit of water weight.

Taylor Peterson


I LOVE using the Abs of Steel cream for my fasted cardio, as well as afternoon training sessions! I started using the lotion at about 12 weeks out from the NPC USA championships and it was a great addition to help kick start my prep!

Kelci Singleton


I LOVE SteelFit! I used the Abs of Steel and I noticed a major difference. It helped a lot with holding extra water around my stomach and once I was finished with my workouts I was soaked in sweats. In the two weeks in which I wore it I noticed my waist line get extremely tighter. I would recommend this product to anyone who is trying to loose that extra unwanted stomach fat.

Joshua Howard


Great product! Loved the heat and I really felt it at work during my workouts. The scent was also amazing and it was really hydrating, which isn’t always the case with these types of products. I would definitely recommend it.

Brooke Thibodeaux


When I first started using Abs Of Steel, I was somewhat excited but a bit skeptical! I have used many topical creams before, and saw very little results! I am pleased to say Abs of Steel did not leave me disappointed! I was pleasantly surprised with the results, within days! THIS STUFF ROCKS!!! I love it and will always use it as apart of my contest prep, to give me a tighter, leaner look!!

Victor Clark – IFBB Men’s Physique Pro


I used Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel for the 3 weeks leading up to my most recent show. The results speak for themselves! I would apply in the morning before cardio to help sweat out water weight and again at night before bed! My skin looked and felt firmer and tighter! Love both of the products!

Stephanie Cisler


I am so impressed with your product I can totally tell a difference! In the past I used Amilean and I really like this better! I used Amilean for my first prep and Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel for my second prep and WOW what a difference!

Thank you again for a wonderful product!

Angie Brown


When starting this 2 week challenge I wasn’t new to SteelFit but I was new to constantly using the products Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel. This time I have implemented both products simultaneously twice a day and I’m seeing amazing results. I am currently still a few weeks out from my Second NPC competition and 3rd fitness competition to date and I am seeing a more conditioned physique than I ever have.

With my workouts and nutrition from my team Bombshell Fitness and incorporating SteelFit I am sure to develop my best package since I first started competing. I encourage everyone to try this product out to gain the results they are looking for as far as toning and conditioning. 

Devin Johnson-Payne


Upon lathering Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel creams, I instantly felt the product working.  Paired with a clean diet, the creams helped me work up a sweat and smooth any unwanted wrinkles and dimples.  My trouble spot is always right below my glutes.  The cream absolutely helped my hamstrings/glute tie-in area tighten up, and given that I’m getting ready for a show, I’m glad I found Abs of Steel and Buns of Steel JUST in time 🙂 .

Alex Oliveira


I have always struggled with my mid section as it is the first place I accumulate fat and the last place it comes off. I am prepping for my first Pro show and decided to try Abs of Steel by Steel Fit to see if it would be helpful during prep. I was pleased at the results after just 2 weeks of usage! After a few days my skin felt tighter, more dense and less jiggly. After a week I was noticing the “love handles” I had were diminishing. I am currently on a low carb diet and a rigorous exercise routine daily but I feel that the cream gave me that extra help I was looking for! There are no miracles, no magic pills or potions. But if you are looking for a product that will assist you in your goals, look no further. Abs of Steel is a great product that gives results. I’m excited to keep it as part of my regimen!!!

Brie Eubanks – IFBB Women’s Physique


I started using this product right after my last competition, I competed in the Europa Expo and right after competition is a really crucial time for competitors.  Going into a reverse diet and doing so properly is so important even more so than the diet before the show. So, while using this product and sticking with my diet and workout routine, it was exciting to see positive results in my body while still reversing out of show prep.

Some of the things I loved about this product with the smell and the fact that I can actually feel it working, I could see my skin react to the product almost immediately and I could feel the warmth on my legs and my abdominals which really made me feel like the product is working!  

I have also always struggled with cellulite, going into my show was the first time that I didn’t see noticeable cellulite, post competition is when I always start seeing it again, however using this product, since my show it has not returned!  

Another really fantastic thing that I can’t believe I noticed over just a short two weeks time span, is how drastically this product has helped with my stretch marks and overall evenness and smooth appearance of my skin.  Before trying this product, I would’ve been the first one to tell you my skepticism about a topical treatment. I have always been a believer that hard work and diet and exercise was really the only way to get results like this; however, I I do believe that science has taken nutrition to a whole new level, and this product will definitely become a staple in my routine. 

 I cannot wait to use it during a competition prep and really see how well it helps!

Abbey Konchan